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Robotics Software Engineer

Robotics Software Engineer
Houston, Texas 77059 - US

Job Description

As a Robotics Software Engineer you will:

  • Capture and manage software requirements.
  • Design and develop software.
  • Perform integration and testing of software with robotic hardware.
  • Perform software testing and verification. - Develop software documentation.
  • Support flight demonstration of robotic systems in space applications.
  • Participate as software Subject Matter Expert in project meetings.
  • Perform other duties as required.

Required Education/Experience/Skills:

  • BS degree in engineering from an accredited engineering school.
  • Experience with Linux development environments.
  • Strong C++ programming skills and experience.
  • Experience with coding in Python.
  • Experience with code version control.


  • Experience with robotic systems.
  • Experience with ROS (Robot Operating System).
  • Experience writing software for automation/process control, including hardware interfaces (such as Ethernet, serial ports, etc.).
  • Experience with the Git version control systems.
  • Experience with artificial intelligence for task planning.
  • Experience with machine learning techniques.
  • Experience with perception, localization and mapping techniques, such as machine vision, SLAM.

Contact:  Robert Godsey (201) 843-4400 ext. 2250

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