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Autonomous Control Systems Engineer

Autonomous Control Systems Engineer
Houston, Texas 77059 - US

Job Description

We are seeking an Autonomous Control Systems Engineer that is passionate about human space exploration or understanding the origins of the universe, and working with a dynamic and diverse team to make a difference.

Our Client is providing services to NASA and needs your commitment, teamwork, and energy to help us achieve great things that inspire humans all over the globe. We have the unique and significant role to partner with NASA at Johnson Space Center (JSC) to be part of every human spaceflight program.

Required Education/Experience/Skills:

  • BS degree from an accredited engineering school and five (5) years of related engineering experience, or a MS degree from an accredited engineering school and four (4) years of related engineering experience, or Ph.D. from an accredited engineering school and zero (0) years of related experience.
  • Experience with architecting distributed control systems.
  • Experience with classical and modern control methods, including robust, optimal, hybrid, and distributed control.
  • Experience with both discrete and continuous control systems.
  • Experience with controllability/observability analysis for complex systems.
  • Experience with assessing stability of a system with real-world assumptions (lossy, latent networks, etc.).
  • Excellent communication, negotiation and coordination skills and strong customer service attitude.


  • Proficiency with C/C++ coding.
  • Proficiency with Linux.
  • Proficiency with scripting languages such as Python.
  • Avionics and Software Architecture.
  • NASA software and systems development standards

Contact:  Avi Zelig at (818) 632-5318

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