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Assistant Project Manager II

Assistant Project Manager II
Brooklyn, New York 11201 - US

Job Description

Field inspection and coordination of construction work with emphasis on electrical, communication, including signal work performed by contractors under stations Contract.

  • Ensure that work complies with contract documents.
  • Do all required paperwork for contract.
  • Duties shall include but not limited to inspection and quality control/quality assurance of furnishing and installation of all material and equipment for a complete electrical system on platforms, mezzanines and adjacent areas of the system.

Familiarity with the following items are required:

Provide project management support service for electrical part of the contract, during construction and design.

Work with the Resident Engineer in meeting the project goals, attending project coordination meeting with stakeholders, preparing meeting minutes and follow up on action items.

Monitor safety to make sure that all personnel, including Contractor and Subcontractors, as well as NYCT personnel strictly comply with all safety requirements of above station contract. Prepare regularly and in a timely manner the detailed Inspector's Daily Report, Quality and Safety Check Lists and Reports, Field Condition Survey Reports, Field Sketches and Scope of Work for Change Orders, estimates and any other reports required by the Construction Administrator/ Resident Engineer. Also, prepare and submit necessary request for Company Services, such as Flagging, Access & Protection, etc. and coordinate these supports.

Qualifications Requirements:

A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college in Electrical engineering.

Minimum of five (5) years of experience as Field Inspector or Field Engineer in inspection of electrical and communication, including signal system.

Ability to read and interpret Contract drawings and specifications. Familiar with Construction Management Procedures. Ability to communicate effectively with excellent written, verbal and communication skills.

Contact:  Tom Lee (201) 843-4400 ext. 2260

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