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Our Benefits

At HEPCO, we aim to provide a positive, professional experience for all of our contract employees. We offer the security of direct transfer and the opportunity to join our 401(k) plan during the first week of employment.

HEPCO is fully compliant with the Affordable Care Act (aka "ACA" and/or "Obamacare."). Thus, all full time employees (individuals who on average work 30 hours or more each week) will be offered three (3) separate medical insurance options with monthly single or family premiums. Detailed information about the benefits provided by each of these three (3) fully compliant plans will be made available to any current or prospective employee upon request.

Contract Employee Benefits:

All contract employees are paid weekly in arrears; ergo, you are paid in week two for the hours you have submitted a time sheet for that were worked in week one.

HEPCO pays all of its employees using electronic funds transfer to a bank account of the contract employee's own choosing. These funds are deposited every Friday morning via a Federal Funds Electronic Transfer from HEPCO's bank into the employee's account. As a result, the employee will have immediately available funds each Friday.

All contract employees are eligible to join HEPCO's 401(k) Plan during their first week of employment or at any subsequent time, while employed by HEPCO. It costs the contract employee nothing to join, the 401(k) Plan is managed by Fidelity, and this plan will stay with each contract employee for as long as said employee keeps his/her account open, regardless of whether you continue working with HEPCO or not. In other words, your 401(k) Plan will follow you wherever you go once you have opened it. HEPCO does not have a matching program, so whatever each contract employee puts into their 401(k) is from their earnings. Deposits are deducted and deposited weekly, and you can change the amount of the deduction at any time with written notice to HEPCO's Payroll Department.

We also offer incentives for employee referrals. Whenever we have new client requests, we turn to our employees with similar skill sets, past and present, to ask if they can recommend a candidate for the open position. The employee will then be compensated if their candidate is hired by our client.