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Our Services

At HEPCO, we specialize in finding qualified employees for the Engineering, Aerospace & Defense, Transportation, Telecom, IT disciplines. HEPCO employee W-2 consultants have the experience and skills to address client needs working within your organization teams.

We provide our clients with a range of personnel types:

Permanent Candidates
Permanent candidates become the client employee from day one.

Temp-to-Perm Employees
Temp-to-perm employees start out as HEPCO employees, and after a defined period [usually six to twelve months], are available to hire as permanent employees for no additional fee.

HEPCO Employee Consultants
HEPCO employee consultants will work on a specific client project at the client site as our employees until their role on that project is completed, at which time the client tells us to terminate that person’s services.

Payrolled Employee
Payrolled Employees are either former full time employees of the client or a contract employee the client has identified. In both cases, the client asks HEPCO to payroll the contractor.

Department of Defense
As a cleared facility, we regularly work on Department of Defense related contracts through our Tier One vendor clients.