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About HEPCO, Inc.

HEPCO’s goal is to provide our private and public sector clients with highly qualified personnel across a broad spectrum of disciplines to include Engineering, Aerospace & Defense, Transportation, Telecom, IT. HEPCO will do this in a timely, cost effective, and professional manner at all times, while maintaining the highest levels of integrity with both our employees and our clients.

We pride ourselves on personalizing our approach to each professional seeking employment. For HEPCO, this means placing candidates in positions that suit their long-term goals, interests and personalities. If you are currently seeking employment, we invite you to search our open positions.

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    "Partnering with HEPCO was a tremendous help as I navigated the requirements for setting up my contract work with a defense company. My prior consulting engagements, working with other industries, were structured a bit differently so I had many questions while completing my paperwork. The HEPCO team was, and continues to be, patient, helpful, expedient and thorough while coaching me through the company's application process."

    Renee Charney, MA, ACC
    Founder, Principal at Charney Coaching & Consulting LLC

    "The HEPCO team was extremely helpful as I stepped through the security clearance process. As other contractors from other agencies struggled through the many pages of the application, I stepped through and completed the application quite quickly. The details HEPCO provided in both oral and written formats enabled me to get through this process very quickly."

    Laura Lapierre
    Senior Technical Writer

    "The HEPCO staff is very detail oriented in conducting executive searches for professionals to meet the needs of our organization!"

    Bala V. Sathyanarayanan
    Executive Vice President of Business Transformation & CHRO

    "My experience with HEPCO has been professional and successful. Upon registering, the recruiter provided me with several contract employment interviews near my home within the telecommunications industry. I am now “on assignment” through HEPCO. I highly recommend their services to job seekers."

    Robert McCall

    "HEPCO’s recruiter took the time to get to know me as a person, to identify my career goals, strengths, and the type of company I was looking for. Throughout the entire recruitment process, he worked closely with me. He was transparent and I never felt I was just another “sale.” He helped me to find a position that worked for me both professionally and personally.

    Recently, I have had the pleasure to work with HEPCO as an employer. HEPCO’s staff takes the time to understand our company’s culture and role type to ensure the profiles presented are strong fits. Within few weeks, we found the perfect candidate who has since accepted an offer to join us. I look forward to working with HEPCO in the future!"

    Chelsey C.
    HR Manager